Director - Ilian Metev
Script - Ilian Metev, Betina Ip
Camera - Julian Atanassov
With - Mila Mihova, Nikolay Mashalov, Todor Veltchev
Producers - Ilian Metev, Ingmar Trost
Production - Chaconna Films, Sutor Kolonko-Germany

Mila is a gifted pianist with a bright future, yet her father pays more attention to the rings of Saturn than to her goals, and her brother tries to distract her with his unwanted talent for the absurd. A portrait of a family during their last summer together.
“The main idea behind ¾ is the combination of natural performances with a precise film language; to create a film without exaggerated drama; to focus on the more delicate interactions between family members. To be honest, I’m surprised that many viewers and critics recognized what was important to us. In the process, regardless of your efforts, you prepare yourself for the possible outcome that no one will understand anything. We’ve been talking with my friend Ralitza [Petrova, the director of Godless] that one should always be prepared for failure and embrace the risks. Still, it is immensely encouraging when in the end the film has some meaning for others too.”

Ilian Metev for


Varna, Golden Rose ’17 – Best Director Locarno ’17 – Golden Leopard


  • 10.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 15.30 часа
  • 13.03.2018
    DOM NA KINOTO - 16.15 часа