Three adrenaline-filled films in the program "Extreme" of the 27th Sofia International Film Festival

"I Live to Climb. I climb to feel alive" - this is the motto of thirty-year-old Czech mountaineer Adam Ondra. He is one of the best modern climbers - a virtuoso who has overcome the most difficult rock routes in the world. The iconic athlete began his journey at the age of three, and today his every climb is motivated by the quest to conquer all the difficulties that dangerous routes hold. Jan Šimanek and Petr Zaruba's documentary "Adam Ondra: Pushing the Limit" follows the preparations for Ondra's rock climbing debut at the Tokyo Olympics. What is striking in this story is the commercial pressure from the mass media and the public, who crave spectacle, whether the focus is on personal life or the sport itself. 

Yet another story traces the limits of human possibility - Jonas Deichmann - "Breaking the Limit", directed by Markus Weinberg. The filmmaker used to be a professional racing cyclist. His latest documentary was nominated for the Audience Award and the Free Spirit Prize at the Warsaw Film Festival. The film follows adventurer and multiple world record holder Jonas Deichmann as he completes the most spectacular and longest triathlon of all time: a round-the-world journey starting and finishing in Munich, involving 460 kilometers of swimming, 21,000 kilometers of cycling, and 5,000 kilometers of running. The hero of the film begins his journey at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. The routes are closed at night, and crossing the borders becomes a feat of the spirit that confronts him with unforeseen challenges. 

Director Peter Day's documentary narrative "Off the Rails" follows the transformation of two masters of spectacular stunts and parkour who shine for fame thanks to their popularity on social media. But when faced with the death of a close friend, the emotional aftermath may be capable of sending them both off the rails. The film was a favorite at the DocEdge festival, where it won the grand prize; the British Independent Film Awards nominated it for the Discovery Award; the Warsaw festival nominated it for the Free Spirit Award; and Thessaloniki nominated it for the Golden Alexander in Competition. 

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