Director - Yariv Mozer
Script - Yariv Mozer
Music - John Keltonic
With - David Ben-Gurion
Producers - Yariv Mozer, Yael Perlov, Patrick Winocour, Juliette Guigon
Production - Arte France – Unité Documentaires, Mozer Films, NDR, Quark Productions

In the great depths of the archive, six hours of interview footage was discovered of one of modern history’s greatest leaders- David Ben-Gurion. It is 1968 and he is 82 years old. He lives in his secluded home in the desert, removed from all political discourse, which allows him a hindsight perspective on the Zionist enterprise. Ben-Gurion’s introspective soul searching is the focus of this film, and his clear voice provides a surprising vision for today’s crucial decisions and the future of Israel.
"A wistful ode to a lost generation of leaders who viewed simplicity as a virtue even as they strove for giant goals."

New York Times


Awards of the Israeli Film Academy '17 – Best Documentary