Director - Kostadin Bonev
Script - Nicola Petkov, Evgeny Kuzmanov, Kostadin Bonev
Camera - Konstantin Zankov, Orlin Ruevski
Music - Nikolai Ivanov
With - Penko Gospodinov, Stefan Valdobrev, Joreta Nikolova, Yoana Bukovska-Davidova, Mariy Rossen, Antonio Dimitrievski
Producer - Kostadin Bonev
Production - Trivium Films

A talented theatre director has been expelled from the capital for two years and sent to a small provincial theatre where he wants to put on a play he is preoccupied with, a play about people who are being constantly watched and are living in constant fear of punishment. Gradually, the nightmares of the play begin to haunt the life of the company...i

I wish people to watch this movie unbiased, because this story is partly very personal, but it is also a portrait of a whole generation – people, who tried to make art while clashing with the authorities.”

Kostadin Bonev for


Golden Rose '18 – Special Award of Varna


  • 10.03.2019
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 13.30 часа