Director - Ognjen Svilicic
Script - Ognjen Svilicic, Marijana Verhoef
Camera - Marinko Marinkic
Cast - Franko Jakovcevic, Petra Krolo, Goran Bogdan, Mia Petricevic, Barbara Vickovic
Producers - Damir Teresak, Nikolina Vucetic
Production - Maxima Film

Goran, a young boy arrives at a Catholic boarding school far away from his family. The boarding school, a strange environment, is a place with strict religious disciplines. In this place, where Catholic doctrines are thoroughly practiced, Goran has difficulty adapting. The more strongly the school instill religious teachings, the more rebellious Goran becomes and asks fundamental questions. 

„In the face of the fundamental question of how pregnancy is possible without sexual relationships, the school forces the students to believe instead of giving proper answers. Goran also refuses to participate in a group prayer. The principal forbids all students to eat lunch when the Goran refuses to pray. Then the students′ anger is directed at Goran. The film, which asks fundamental questions about Christian teachings, is a reminder of all the coercion of ideas or beliefs, as well as religion.”
Nam Dong-chu, Busan International Film Festival

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