Croatia, 2020, 17 min, color

Saša and Filip are going to Gorski Kotar during the lockdown. Saša finally has time to realize how she really feels.

Croatia, 2021, 24 min, color

Branka is a young caretaker who moves to an island to look after an elderly woman. After the harsh winter is over and her job is finished, Branka decides to stay on the island for the summer season. She gets a job in tourism, but the pay is meagre and the job exhausting, making it just a temporary solution.

Croatia, 2021, 12 min, color

Large waste consists of objects and things that are unsuitable for collection as mixed municipal waste, due to their size or composition. If large waste is irresponsibly disposed of in nature or at illegal dump sites, everyone pays the cost of its removal.

Croatia, 2021, 20 min, color

The air is sultry. Heat rises in the blood. Shortness of breath forces Pero to cross the line. Will he be able to fly?

Croatia, 2021, 18 min, color

When someone breaks into her student apartment, Lana asks her father to come and visit her. He keeps putting it off, while her fears gradually drive her up the wall.


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