Director - Jezko Davidov
Script - Marin Damianov, Pencho Kovachev
Camera - Emil Topuzov
Music - Georgi Zvetkov
With - Kaloyan Minev, Mihaela Goncheva
Producer - Georgi Nikolov
Frank Thompson studied classics at Oxford University. His father was a university professor. Thompson was an intellectual with ‘left leanings’ (leaning towards the ‘left’), recognised, and esteemed as a speaker of a number of languages. In January of 1944 he is sent on a mission to Bulgaria to instrument the coordination between British intelligence and the Bulgarian partisans. He spends several months there, aiding in operations, and arranging shipments of weaponry and financial resources. In the battle near the village of Batulya, he is captured and shot. He was 23 years old.


  • 29.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 18.30 часа