Director - Victor Bojinov
Script - Petаr Dundakov
Camera - Vladimir Mihailov
Music - Petar Dundakov
Cast - Sofia Soloists orchestra conducted by Plamen Djourov, Rossen Zahariev – trumpet, Gergana Dimitrova – soprano, Plamena Girginova – soprano
Producer - Petar Dundakov
Production - For U Art Ltd.
А concert with the music of Petar Dundakov. United by the metaphor of the wind, the different parts of the music represent different states and pictures, taking the public to unique audio-visual trip. The concert-film is masterfully shot by Victor Bojinov and it’s a  musical crossover made by wonderful  musicians,  coming from  different musical worlds – jazz, folklore and classical music. The intertwining of music of Dundakov with the video images of the video artist Ivan Bogdanov turning the Song of the Winds into audio-visual poetry.


  • 30.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 18.30 часа