Director - Svetla Tsotsorkova
Script - Svetoslav Ovcharov, Svetla Tsotsorkova
Camera - Vesselin Hristov
Music - Hristo Namliev
Cast - Elena Zamyarkova, Monika Naydenova, Alexander Benev
Producers - Svetoslav Ovcharov, Svetla Tsotsorkova

Sofia in the present day. A boy from a well-to-do family is in love with Bonnie, a teenager from the impoverished outskirts. In order to test his love, Bonnie's older sister Lionnie subjects the suitor to a humiliating ordeal. Will he pass or fail? And what do failure and success mean? Even when it comes to love, the rich and the poor speak different languages.  

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  • 02.07.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа