Director - Jan Svěrák
Script - Jan Svěrák
Camera - Vladimír Smutný
Music - Ondřej Soukup
With - Zdeněk Svěrák, Daniela Kolářová, Tereza Ramba, Vojtěch Kotek
Producer - Jan Svěrák
Production - Biograf Jan Sverak
A well-known writer now aged 75 is aware of his increasing age and the risk that his literary style will grow worn. His everyday existence is enlivened by characters from his stories, who tend to enter reality in unexpected ways, at various stages of completeness and with all kinds of strange demands. The old writer passes freely from reality to fiction and back again. 
This comedy of intertwined stories looks at universal spiritual issues of human existence, love, faith and miracles. Using visual stylisation, a pinch of magical realism, exaggeration and clever dialogues, it treats questions of life and death with lightness and humour.


  • 28.03.2023
    ODEON CINEMA - 18.00 часа
  • 18.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 18.00 часа