Director - Todd Stephens
Script - Todd Stephens
Camera - Jackson Warner Lewis
Music - Chris Stephens
Cast - Udo Kier, Jennifer Coolidge, Linda Evans, Michael Urie, Roshon Thomas
Producers - Eric Eisenbrey, Stephen Israel, Tim Kaltenecker, Todd Stephens, Rhet Topham
Production - House of Gemini
Pat Pitsenbarger is a formerly flamboyant hairdresser living in Sandusky, OH. Once the finest stylist for all the socialites in town, he’s now stuck in a drab nursing home. Having lost his partner, house, and the community he once held dear, Pat has all but given up. But then the will of his recently deceased ex-best friend requests his services for her final makeover. Despite clinging to old grudges, Pat flees the nursing home and begins a trek across town that will force him to confront the life he’s left behind.


  • 28.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 18.30 часа
  • 18.03.2022
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 18.00 часа
  • 23.03.2022
    ODEON CINEMA - 20.30 часа