Director - Mounia Meddour
Script - Mounia Meddour, Fadette Drouard
Camera - Léo Lefèvre
Music - Robin Coudert
Cast - Lyna Khoudri, Shirine Boutella, Amira Hilda Douaouda, Yasin Houicha, Marwan Zeghbib
Producers - Patrick André, Xavier Gens, Gregoire Gensollen, Belkacem Hadjadj, Mounia Meddour
Production - The Ink Connection

Algiers, 1997. The country is in the hands of terrorist groups, seeking to establish an Islamic and archaic state. Women are particularly affected and oppressed by primitive diktas, who seek to take control of their bodies and control their passage through the public space. While a frenzied hunt for women unveiled is launched, Nedjma, a young student passionate about fashion, is determined to federate the girls of her campus to organize a fashion show braving all the forbidden.

„Papicha” (the word is Algerian slang for a hip, pretty girl) nicely captures the fast-talking energy of Nedjima and her friends, frightened by the uncertainty of a country careening towards aggressive fundamentalism.”
Jay Weissberg, Variety


Cannes ’19 – Un Certain Regard Section


  • 02.10.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа