Director - Agnieszka Holland
Script - Andrea Chalupa
Camera - Tomasz Naumiuk
Music - Antoni Lazarkiewicz
Cast - James Norton, Vanessa Kirby, Peter Sarsgaard, Celyn Jones
Producers - Andrea Chalupa, Stanislaw Dziedzic, Klaudia Smieja
Production - Film Produkcja, Kinorob

1933. Gareth Jones is an ambitious young Welsh journalist who gained fame after his report on being the first foreign journalist to fly with Hitler. Whilst working as an advisor to Lloyd George, he is now looking for his next big story. The Soviet “utopia” is all over the news, and Jones is intrigued as to how Stalin is financing the rapid modernisation of the Soviet Union.

On leaving his government role, Jones decides to travel to Moscow in an attempt to get an interview with Stalin himself. There he meets Ada Brooks, a British journalist working in Moscow, who reveals that the truth behind the regime is being violently repressed. Hearing murmurs of government-induced famine, a secret carefully guarded by the Soviet censors, Jones manages to elude the authorities and travels clandestinely to Ukraine, where he witnesses the atrocities of man-made starvation – millions left to starve – as all grain is sold abroad to finance the industrialising Soviet empire.