Director - Rudolph Herzog
Script - Tim Price
Camera - Peter Zeitlinger
Music - Zviad Mgebry
Cast - Katherine Parkinson, Lily Newmark, Jay Pharoah, Daryl McCormack Ali Cook
Producers - Mike Downey, Vladimer Katcharava, Sam Taylor
Production - 20 Steps Productions
London, 2018. In five days, over 100 artists will play at the War on War concert, a multiple city peace benefit event. This is the biggest gig of all time, a global audience of billions, The Beatles have reformed (even the dead ones).
PR genius Kate is in charge of the publicity – she works for Harry Hope, the messianic organiser of the event. When Russian war-leader Boris the Butcher calls to say he is calling a ceasefire that midnight, she knows it means trouble. Kate breaks the news to Harry Hope. They’ll have to turn War on War into a celebration, instead of an appeal. But Hope is not just an egomaniac with a messianic complex – he’s a rockstar with balls of steel. It’s not about one war, it’s about all wars.