Director - Nathalie Biancheri
Script - Olivia Waring, Nathalie Biancheri
Camera - Michal Dymek
Music - Aaron Cupples
Cast - Sadie Frost, Cosmo Jarvis, Lauren Coe, Laurie Kynaston, Amber Jean Rowan, Yasmin Monet Prince
Producers - Colin Michael Day, Coco Marie Schneider
Production - Rickshaw Entertainment
Pete, a disheveled and darkly compelling thirty-something, works as an occasional handyman at the local high school. There, he meets Laurie, an emotionally withdrawn student-athlete who recently relocated to town with her mother. The two strangers start forming a precarious friendship built on their mutual connection as outsiders. As they spend more time together, their unique bond grows, unraveling the truth behind Pete’s motives.

„The squirm-inducing subject matter is illuminated and elevated by fantastically naturalistic performances and direction.”
Shaun Munro, BFI London Film Festival