Director - Xin Zhu
Script - Ying Dai, Xin Zhu
Camera - Wei Zhang
Music - Zhen Tao
Cast - Li Jiang, Jing Huang, Yan Chen
Producers - Jingyuan Wang, Yantao Xia, Jin Zhao
Production - Midnight Blur Films
It is summer of 2009. In a southern Chinese town, it is stiflingly hot before the arrival of a
rainstorm. Li Senlin is bored and stuck doing homework. Auntie Qiu, a boatwoman who hasn’t shown up for years, suddenly makes a visit, and recounts the tale of a strange encounter on an
abandoned island.
Li Senlin loses her turtle while her father is away on a business trip. There's another "Senlin" that keeps on being mentioned by her parents. She faintly suspects that Auntie Qiu is actually her biological mother.


  • 27.03.2019
    EURO CINEMA - 20.00 часа
  • 10.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.00 часа
  • 11.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 13.30 часа