Director - Hajni Kis
Script - Fanni Szántó, Hajni Kis
Camera - Ákos Nyoszoli
Music - Oleg Borsos
Cast - Gusztáv Dietz, Zorka Horváth, Éva Füsti Molnár, Viktor Kassai
Producers - Júlia Berkes, Balázs Zachar
Production - Proton Cinema
When Niki finds out that her father is in town after being released from prison, she disobeys her grandmother's fierce objections and meets him in secret. Faced with his 12-year-old daughter, Tibor is forced to confront his role as a father and finally take responsibility. After 7 years without contact, the father and daughter get to know each other, whilst realizing their strong connection and how powerful forgiveness can be.

„I have wanted to make a film about a complicated father-daughter relationship for a very long time. What played a big part in this desire is that my relationship with my father wasn’t always trouble-free. When I was little, he disappeared from our lives for a long while, which was a difficult period, but much of this I couldn’t process at such a young age. The story of the film is heavily inspired by my own life.“
Hajni Kis


Karlovy Vary ’21 – East of West Award , Nomination for Best Film Bosphorus ’21 – Best Actor


  • 17.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 20.30 часа
  • 18.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 13.00 часа