Director - Nathalie Biancheri
Script - Nathalie Biancheri
Camera - Michał Dymek
Music - Stefan Wesołowski
Cast - George MacKay, Lily-Rose Depp, Eileen Walsh, Paddy Considine, Fionn O'Shea
Producers - Jessie Fisk, Jane Doolan, Nathalie Biancheri
Production - Feline Films
Jacob has species dysphoria and believes he is a wolf trapped inside the body of a teenager. He is sent to „the zoo” a clinic specializing in the condition, operated under the watchful eye of Dr. Mann. Nicknamed „the zookeeper”, the controversial and cruel practitioner – who could make Narcissus himself blush – enacts extreme „curative” therapies, expecting nothing short of toadying behaviour and swift reform from his pet subjects. As if through kismet, Jacob is mysteriously drawn to a long-term patient who believes herself to be a wildcat.


  • 16.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 20.30 часа
  • 17.03.2022
    CINEMA HOUSE - 15.30 часа