Director - Joost Vandebrug
Camera - Joost Vandebrug
Music - Daniel Gadd
Cast - Florin Hora, Anghelescu Costica Nicusor, Raluca Pahomi
Producers - Andrea Cornwell, Joachim van Trommel
Production - Grain Media
Nicu lives with his gang of friends in the streets and parks around Bucharest's North Station. The local celebrity is Bruce Lee, the self-proclaimed King of Bucharest's Underworld. Painted silver (in the same paint they all inhale), he both deals in the drug, and is the drug. His kingdom is in the underground network of tunnels built by Ceausescu as central heating ducts for the city.
Nicu and his friends move into the tunnels and under Bruce Lee's protection. For Nicu, Bruce Lee now becomes „Dad", and in turn he names him „Haiduc" or Outlaw. Bruce lays bricks, taps electricity from street lamps, and finds furniture, paintings and televisions... transforming the tunnels into a real home.


Bali ’19 – Best Documentary


  • 27.06.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.00 часа