Director - Slatan Dudow
Script - Slatan Dudow
Camera - Helmut Bergmann
Music - Wilhelm Neef
With - Ostara Körner, Peter Dommisch, Albert Garbe, Günther Haack, Armin Mueller-Stahl
Production - DEFA
Christine is a young farm worker in a small village in post-war Germany. Her attempts to improve her situation through further education are hampered by frequent pregnancies arising from ill-fated relationships. After Christine's fourth partner takes her savings and runs off to West Berlin on their wedding day, the director of the farming collective sends Christine back to school. There, she meets a kindly teacher who helps her with her studies – and soon becomes the father of her next child. Will this relationship turn out differently from the others?


  • 27.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 18.00 часа