Director - Georgi Stoev-Jeki
Script - Ivaylo Manev, Georgi Stoev
Music - Ickah Finci, Raycho Lubenov, Simeon Shterev
With -
Production - Experimental Film Studio

Docho Shoshkov works in a factory in a small town. He is very skillful, and can make everything using his hands. His greatest passion though is the violin. His admirers are the people gathering at the pub. His father read in a scientific journal that farm animals put on weight when exposed to music. He forces his son to play to some of his farm animals, while Docho's dream is, in fact, playing Vivaldi with a big symphony orchestra. Docho also has a wife and a daughter too and would be living a happy life if he could ignore his neighbors' intrigues. In a fit of rage, he kicks his wife out. There is a long hard way for him to go until he can realize he made a mistake and tries to regain his inner peace, yet there is one obstacle - untimely death.


  • 01.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.00 часа