Director - François Ozon
Director - François Ozon
Camera - Manu Dacosse
Music - Philippe Rombi
With - Jérémie Renier, Marine Vacth, Jacqueline Bisset, Dominique Reymond, Myriam Boyer
Producers - Éric Altmayer, Nicolas Altmayer
Production - Mandarin Production

Chloé, a beautiful young woman at a vulnerable, sensitive time in her life, begins therapy with Paul, an attractive and mysterious psychologist. Their charged conversations lead to a seemingly inevitable romance, and several months later Chloé is in love and living with her new partner. Although stable life brings her the happiness she’s not known for a long time, she gradually comes to suspect that her lover is not exactly the man she thought he was. François Ozon, French cinema’s “bad boy,” returns to his wild days with Double Lover, which premiered at Cannes. In this new film, starring Marine Vacth and Jeremie Renier, Ozon continuously deceives and mesmerizes while recruiting his famous sense of aesthetic to direct this complex, sensual, and provocative film about identity, trust, love, and passion.

“With Amant Double I wanted to create a sexual thriller with strong psychological tension. The idea was not to shock but rather depict the complexity of lust. It’s definitely a departure from Frantz which was rather chaste; the two protagonists did nothing more than exchanging a kiss.”

François Ozon for


Cannes ’17 – In Official Competition