Director - Mira Fornay
Script - Mira Fornay
Camera - Tomáš Sysel
Cast - Jaroslav Plesl, Petra Fornayová, Regina Rázlová, Jan Alexander, Jazmína Cigánková
Producer - Viktor Schwarcz
Production - CINEART TV Prague, spol. s.r.o., MIRAFOX
Jaroslav is a handsome and seemingly good-natured son, father and decent husband. But in fact, he is pathologically jealous of his wife Blanka and very much afraid that she will leave him one day with their three children. Jaroslav and his family do not hesitate to employ violence, deceit and terror against others, which ultimately leads to a family tragedy.

„Seen through the prism of a metaphor, the film is an intimate story about family or „the most aggressive group within a society, with the exception of the army and the police”, as Fornay states. The director employs stark and edgy black humour in order to expose the responsibility of her hero and by taking a step further, she presents the story as a game of „family programming” that incubates abuse.”
Vassilis Economou, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival


  • 07.10.2020
    CINEMA ODEON - 18.00 часа