Director - Mika Kaurismäki
Script - Mika Kaurismäki
Camera - Jacques Cheuiche
Music - Chuck Jonkey, Nana Vasconcelos
Producer - Mika Kaurismäki
Production - Marianna Films
In 1993, Sam Fuller takes Jim Jarmusch on a trip into Brazil's Mato Grosso, up the River Araguaia to the village of Santa Isabel Do Morro, where 40 years before, Zanuck had sent Fuller to scout a location and write a script for a movie based on a tigrero, a jaguar hunter. Sam hopes to find people who remember him, and he takes film he shot in 1954. А great deal changed in the village. There are televisions, watches, and brick houses. But, the same culture awaits as well.


  • 12.09.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа