Director - Mika Kaurismäki
Script - Mika Kaurismäki
Camera - Olli Varja
Music - Mauri Sumén
Cast - Silu Seppälä, Matti Pellonpää, Vieno Saaristo, Juhani Niemelä, Sakke Järvenpää
Producer - Mika Kaurismäki
Production - Asya Film
Antti „Zombie" Autiomaa does two things well: play the bass guitar and drink. After several months' sleeping on the streets of Istanbul, he returns to Helsinki where he's called into the army but discharged on mental health grounds after adding turpentine to the officers' soup. Zombie lives bleary-eyed in an apartment off his parents' house where his lonely, unemployed father suffers from heart disease.


Jussi Awards ’92 – Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Leading Actor


  • 11.09.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа