Director - Milcho Manchevski
Script - Milcho Manchevski
Camera - Manuel Teran
Music - Dragan Dautovski, Zlatko Origjanski, Zoran Spasovski, Goran Trajkovski
With - Rade Serbedzija, Katrin Cartrige, Grégoire Colin, Josif Josifovski, Boris Delcevski, Dejan Velkov, Labina Mitevska
Producers - Judy Counihan, Cédomir Kolar, Sam Taylor, Cat Villiers
Production - Aim
In an ancient mountain monastery in Macedonia, a young monk named Kiril finds a frightened girl hiding in his cell. She is a victim of ethnic hatred and after her enemies find her, the peace of his solitude is broken forever ... In a London restaurant, Anne and her husband, with whom she is separated, meet to discuss their problems. Their conversation is interrupted by a noisy dispute between a waiter and a customer. The client leaves, then returns, shoots around the restaurant and, among others, kills his wife... The photographer Alexander, famous for photographing the war and its victims, returns to his native Macedonian village in search of peace. Anne and Alexander are lovers – why her marriage is in danger – and the fugitive hiding in the monastery is the daughter of his former mistress...


Venice ’94 – Golden Lion, Best Actor, FIPRESCI Prize, Audience Award Oscar ’95 – Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film


  • 10.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 20.30 часа
  • 17.03.2023
    EURO CINEMA - 19.00 часа