Director - Volker Schlöndorff
Script - Jean-Claude Carrière, Volker Schlöndorff, Franz Seitz, based on the novel by Günter Grass
Camera - Igor Luther
Music - Maurice Jarre
With - Mario Adorf, Angela Winkler, David Bennent, Katharina Thalbach, Daniel Olbrychski
Oscar Matzerath is an extraordinary boy. As an embryo, he was extremely receptive and refused to be born until his mother failed to seduce him with a promise to give him a tin drum for his third birthday. When that day comes and Oscar receives his long-awaited gift, he makes a decision that changes the next 18 years of his life. Seeing the pathetic and hypocritical behavior of his German-Polish family, Oscar decides to stop growing – a decision that easily becomes a reality, falling from the stairs to the basement. As the days go by, Oscar remains untouched by time. Forever with his drum, he beats him mercilessly whenever something makes him angry. One day, when his father tries to pick up the drum, Oscar discovers another of his unsuspected talents – the ability to shout so loud that the windows around him turn to salt. From that moment on, Oscar already knows how to manipulate the people around him...


Cannes ’79 – Palme d'Or Oscar ’80 – Best Foreign Language Film


  • 17.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 20.00 часа