Director - Borislav Mihailovski
Script - Borislav Mihailovski
Camera - Alexander Krumov
Music - David Kokonchev
Cast - Deyan Donkov, Venelina Ghyaurova, Zlatko Gulekov, Janet Iovcheva, Meglena Karalambova, Ivan Nestorov, Ivan Savov, Zara Tsvetkova, Madlen Yordanova
Producer - Borislav Mihailovski
Production - Magic Storylines, Crossroad Pictures, Radiovision Plus

Fired from the PR agency, home of his best projects, the alcohol addict Boyden joins the wide anti corruption Bulgarian protests when he's got two news. His demented grandfather needs his nursing help. And a job offer from his ex agency. He chooses to go back in his communism infested home. But to help his grandfather and win his daughter’s trust back he has to fight his dependence first. And on the way of bringing his life back together Boyden has to withstand his right to take the right decisions without ruining his life.


  • 11.03.2019
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 18.30 часа