Director - Niki Iliev
Script - Niki Iliev
Camera - Kiril Valchanov
Music - Ivan Tishev
Cast - Alexander Kadiev, Bashar Rahal, Orlin Pavlov, Niki Iliev, Boyko Krastanov
Producers - Bashar Rahal, Bogomil Grozev, Niki Iliev
Production - Silver Light Pictures

The story is about four friends who are coming from diferent parts of the World to their home town of Plodiv for a 20 year reunion of their gradution. When  meeting they discover that one of them has a problem – his house(the house they all grew up in) will be theared down. All four them dicide to change their plans and help their friend keep the house they all love. By doind so they encouter past loves and relationships they all forgot.

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  • 09.07.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 20.30 часа