Director - Valery Yordanov
Script - Valery Yordanov
Camera - Boris Slavkov
Music - Kalin Nikolov
With - Vladimir Stoimenov, Zachary Baharov, Vasil Iliev, Eleonora Ivanova
Producer - Borislav Chouchkov
What happens to a boy who has 2 great talents? One is theatre and the other is street fighting. He is faced with the dilemma of which one to use to save the life of the person closest to him. He has only two options - box in illegal matches for money or win a reality TV show where he recites Shakespeare.


Golden Rose ’22 – Best directing, best screenplay, best film according to the Youth Jury, award of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers, award of the city of Varna


  • 24.03.2023
    LUMIERE CINEMA - 16.00 часа