Director - Maria Veselinova
Script - Maria Veselinova
Camera - Georgi Chelebiev
Music - George Strezov, Alexander Kostov
With - Konstantin Gerginov, Krystio Lafazanov, Kalin Vrachanski, Konstantin Lungov, Konstantin Ikonomov, Radoslava Nedelcheva, Nikolay Branzalov, Stanislav Peev, Vasil Dimitrov, Jivko Djuranov
Producer - Pavel Pavlov
Production - Vetrogon

On Christmas Eve 9-year old Marty accidentally finds himself in Santa Claus's workshop where the Elves are falling behind schedule and are on their way to failure. The boy manages to persuade Santa to modernize the workshop and ends up running it, taking the place of the previous Elf-director – Rabotlivko. After quite a lot of effort he manages to teach the Elves how to use smart technology but instead of using them for work, they become addicted to Elfbook and games...

Smart Christmas is the first Bulgarian family Christmas film as well as the first modern children's film made in Bulgaria for the past decade. The main theme of the film is the relationships between people and how smart technology can damage them. The approach of the film is not to strike guilt into its audience but instead to win the hearts not only of the youngsters but the older audiences as well with lots of humor and an entertaining plot.


  • 10.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.30 часа