Directors - Niki Stanchev, Stoyan Anov
Script - Zlateto Keremedchieva
Camera - Momchil Alexandrov, Emilian Dechev
Music - Ivan Dinev
Cast - Niki Stanchev, Yonko Dimitrov, Anna Bankina, Pavel Vladimirov, Liliya Lilova, Iliq Videlinov, Zlateto Keremedchieva, Dilyana Daneva, Assen Karanikolov
Producers - Zlateto Keremedchieva, Dilyana Daneva
Production - New Actors Studio, Yellow Brick Pictures
As a young child Tony was abandoned by his parents. His family is ruined. The father works in America, and the mother is in Greece. He doesn’t keep in touch with both of them for years. The only person next to him is his grandmother who Tony calls for short – „Grandma/Mummy”. Grandma/Mummy raised Tony on her own. Despite her efforts to help him grow up as a stable and solid man character, she fails. Further more she spoils him to the point he’s unable to live a worthy life by himself. Tony is a typical example of the current generation of the “angry young men”. His life lacks of dreams, expectations and responsibility to the others’ lives. His only friend is Niki. They know each other from their high school years. Since the beginning of their friendship they constantly get involved in absurd and dangerous situations. However the good luck is always behind them and somehow they manage to get out unharmed. Unlike Tony, Niki looks at life with more hope and optimism. He supports Tony and despite his controversial character, he believes in
him. Thanks to Niki, Tony manages to start successfully a new job, where he is not fired soon after the beginning as usually happens. That affects positively on his daily life, also on his relationship with Grandma/Mummy. 
Gradually it seems like everything starts clean over again and for the first time Tony’s life gets on the right track. However, Tony’s birthday party is the peak point that turns his life upside down. The result of his egoistic actions changes the relation between the two friends forever and leads to a nearly fatal outcome. The time for paying all the avoided dangers has come, the time for the caused
damage and for every wrong choice. The time for decisions to be made has come. No more excuses. There is no way back.


  • 13.03.2019
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 18.30 часа