Director - Ivan Yurukov
Script - Ivan Yurukov, Rossen Stanev
Camera - Galina Vassileva
Music - Raya Shopova
Cast - Georgi Tenev, Stoyan Mladenov, Marti Todorov, Pepi Todorov, Svetlin Roussev
Producers - Ivan Yurukov, Julia Atanasova
Production - Vagabonti Films
A talented violin player abandons the concert scene and hides in a small dilapidated village. Rehearsing by his loneliness, he is obsessed with the idea of playing to perfection all the 24 Caprices of Paganini. After the final 24th Caprice, he puts an end to his life. After some time, a local teacher discovers his notes and learns of his tragic story. He starts his own investigation of the violin player's life. Lonely and with a failed life, the teacher finds something exalted in this story. The life of the unknown violinist revives his spirit and raises him from his own frustration, despair and alcoholism. The teacher reveals that two village boys have witnessed the last living days of the violinist. They have involuntarily become participants both in his death and in the unexpected continuation of his life through the music that he bequeathed to them.