Director - Iliya Kostov
Script - Iliya Kostov
Camera - Martin Dimitrov, Yaroslav Yachev
Music - Dimo Stoyanov-PIF
Cast - Kateryna Evro, Lyuben Chatalov, Yuryi Angelov, Ckristyan Makarov, Boris Loukanov
Producer - Iliya Kostov
Production - NIKE-I
A tragicomic satire for cinema, in which several heroes meet to set off on their way with an outraged camper, several discs old film and the subconscious feeling that the past may become the present that the memory can revive old hopes and provide new horizons. A story in which the myth is self-destructing from the great battles and reality is always different from what you want to be, or from what is said in the movies. Both the old... and the new...! It remains, perhaps, only the indestructible myth of love, flinging in the particular embrace of the beloved or in that painful and unimaginable pursuit of the realization of the perfect film...!