Director - Maria Nikolova
Script - Sotir Gelev, Maria Nikolova
Camera - Vojcheh Todorow
Cast - Leonid Yovchev
Producers - Sotir Gelev, Penko Gelev
Production - Gekkon Animation Studio, Four Hands Studio
Leonid Yovchev is trying to find the first issue of DAGA magazine – the favorite comic magazine from his childhood. The film is a study of a cultural phenomenon. In the midst of socialism – 1979 – in Bulgaria appears a magazine advocating Western influence – the comic art. DAGA exists for more than ten years and has a huge circulation – 300,000. Some of the series and the characters are still living today in the minds of the readers, shaping their personalities.


Golden Rhyton '17 – Best Documentary Director (ex aequo with Yulia Kancheva for In the Mirror)


  • 14.03.2019
    CZECH CENTER - 18.30 часа