Director - Otar Iosseliani
Cast - Gela Kandelaki, Goghi Chkheidzeр Jansug Kakhidze
Production - Qartuli Pilmi
Giya plays the timpani in the Tbilis symphony orchestra. In actual fact all he does is perform noisy effects at the end of the concerts, and he almost always arrives at the very last minute. The rest of the time he spends in insignificant pastimes, and he is constantly hurrying between meeting his friends and meeting women. One day he is run over by a bus…

"Giya is a bird perched on a branch. His personal charm makes him popular. Ioseliani presents his character with clear sympathy and discreet humour. He films the street and people in a neo-realist style, marked with warmth and expression, capturing the poetry of life in Georgia".

Marcel Marten, Larousse Dictionairre des films


  • 03.05.2021
    DOM NA KINOTO - 18.30 часа