Script - Volker Schloendorff, Jean-Claude Carriere, Gunter Grass, Franz Seitz
Camera - Igor Luther
Music - Maurice Jarre
Cast - Mario Adorf, Angela Winkler, David Bennent, Katharina Thalbach
Producers - Franz Seitz, Anatole Dauman
Production - Argos Films/Artemis Productions/Bioskop Film/Film Polski Film Agency/Franz Seitz Filmproduktion/GGB-14/Hallelujah Films/Jadran Film
Based upon Guenter Grass' acclaimed novel, The Tin Drum echoes the rise and fall of the Third Reich through the Peter Pan like Oskar.

Oskar Matzerath is a most unusual boy. Even as a foetus he was advanced, refusing to be born until his mother enticed him out with the promise of a tin drum on his third birthday. On this day, the precocious Oskar received his long-awaited present and made a decision which was to rule his life for 18 years. Observing the base and hypocritical behaviour of his German-Polish family, he decided to stop growing up and forever remain 3 years old. This was easily accomplished by throwing himself down the cellar stairs. As time passed, Oskar remained frozen in time and umbilically attached to his drum, which he would beat mercilessly whenever anything annoyed him. It was on one of these times, when his father tried to take away the drum, that Oskar discovered his other talent; an ability to scream at such a high register that glass all around would destructively shatter. Thus Oskar learnt how to control those around him...

The Tin Drum paints a surreal and disturbing portrait of people in a time of great uncertainty. The gradual rise of the Nazis, working insidiously towards total power, occurs without causing alarm amongst the populace of Danzig. The only one who seems to notice, the voice in the wilderness, is Oskar.


Oscar ’80 – Best Foreign-Language Film; Cannes ’79 – Golden Palm


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