Portugal, 2018, 17'
Ana Moreira

In an abandoned waterpark, a girl and a boy are hidden from the outside world. Between the graffited ruins of the old swimming pools and blunt slides, they find a shelter to grieve from their loss of hopes and dreams.

My Branch So Thin
Russia-France, 2018, 14'11''
Dinara Droukarova

A young woman nurses her mother's lifeless body. Beside her there's, an elderly woman, a babushka, as the Russians say. Both wash the body, the young woman feeling her way, the elderly woman with a sure hand. They accompany the defunct woman, rock and console her with this final farewell.

Magie Noire
France, 2018, 12'
Fanny Ardant

Reals singers. Two parallel stories: the gypsy and the singers’ auditions. The combination of two worlds through opera singing. A visual and acoustic universe. No matter what the lyric say, the imagination commands.

Little Roman Adventures
Italy, 2018, 8'
Paolo Sorrentino

One night in Rome, a photographer is shooting a fashion service madly in the background of the Colosseum when the unexpected happens: the machine gets jammed and the lens has to be changed.

The Last Storm
UK-USA, 2018, 21'
Liam Saint-Pierre

Recently diagnosed with lung cancer, a 60-year-old fledgling storm chaser sets out with his friend in search of a twister before the season comes to an end.

Tales From a Town Called Blackburn
UK, 2018, 15'
Liam Saint-Pierre

BLACKBURN: Through memories and reflections, the stories associated with three abandoned buildings and their modern counterparts are used to look at what unites and divides the people of this industrial northern town. From Brexit to race, industry to ageing, sometimes funny, sometimes affecting, but always engaging. 


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