Director - Pancho Tzankov
Script - Pancho Tzankov
Camera - Andrey Chertov
Music - Shturtsite
With - Kiril Marichkov, Petar Gyuzelev, Valdi Totev, Georgi Markov, Georgi Minchev, Petar Tzankov, Veselin Kisiov, Borislav “Boti” Panov, Konstantin Atanasov
Production - Boyana Film

Against the backdrop of the concerts in Universiada hall in 1987, we can see interviews with the members of Shturtsite. They talk about their story, the difficulties through the years, the music, the way they create their songs, their private life and the popularity.

In the destiny of Shturtsite we can see many of the Bulgarian absurds in the middle of 60's until 80's in 20th Century. They get into trouble with their struggle to play rock and not to obey the ridiculous requirements and ideologically restrictions. But at the same time they show their opinion and desire to stand against the status quo.

Aleksandar Yanakiev


  • 16.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 13.30 часа