Director - Slatan Dudow
Script - Bertolt Brecht, Ernst Ottwalt
Camera - Günther Krampf
Music - Hanns Eisler
With - Gerhard Bienert, Ernst Busch, Adolf Fischer, Erwin Geschonneck, Max Sablotzki
Producers - Willi Münzenberg, Lazar Wechsler
A working-class family in Berlin in 1931 where survival is difficult, with massive unemployment in the wake of the Great Depression. After Anni's brother commits suicide in despair, her family finds itself forced to move to Kuhle Wampe, a lakeside camp on the outskirts of Berlin, now home to increasing numbers of unemployed. When Anni's relationship with Franz ends, she moves back to Berlin and gets involved in the workers' youth movement.


  • 01.04.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 14.45 часа