Director - Lorenzo Mattotti
Script - Thomas Bidegain, Jean-Luc Fromental, Lorenzo Mattotti
Music - René Aubry
With the voices of - Toni Servillo, Antonio Albanese, Linda Caridi, Maurizio Lombardi, Corrado Invernizi
Producers - Christophe Jankovic, Valérie Schermann
Production - Prima Linea Productions

To find his long lost son and food to survive the winter, the great bear king leads his clan down from the mountains and into the world of men. After escaping terrible monsters and defeating an evil duke, the bears and men live together in peace – for a time.

„Stylish animated adaptation of Dino Buzzati’s 1945 novel. Buzzati’s book, illustrated with his own naïf line drawings, was published in 1945. Mattotti and his co-writers have chosen to keep this very much in the background. Occasional scenes carry an echo of political satire, or a whiff of ecological awareness, but this is primarily a fantasy romp, one that charts the history of a short-lived intermingling between humans and bears in once-upon-a-time Sicily.”
Lee Marshall, Screen Daily

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