Directors - Jean-François Laguionie, Xavier Picard
Script - Jean-François Laguionie, Anik Le Ray
Animation - Yann Martinat, Joachim Henrard
Music - Christophe Heral
Producers - Armelle Glorennec, Eric Jacquot
Production - Blue Spirit Productions, Mélusine Productions

An old monkey Prince runs aground on an unknown shore. Injured and lost, he is found by 12 year-old Tom, and taken in by his parents, a couple of scientists who were banished from their community because they believe in the existence of other monkey civilisations. With Tom's help, the Prince discovers a society he knows nothing about, while Tom’s parents decide to use him to prove that their theory was indeed correct...

„The Prince’s Voyage promotes friendship between the generations, the need for tolerance of others and the desire to acknowledge what binds monkeys (and people) together rather than what tears them apart.”
Allan Hunter, Screen Daily

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Annecy ’19 – Honorary Crystal for Jean-François Laguionie Locarno ‘19 – Fuori concorsi


  • 11.07.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.30 часа
  • 17.07.2020
    G8 KINODVOR - 21.30 часа
  • 05.07.2020
    DOM NA KINOTO - 11.30 часа