Director - Fredo Valla
Script - Fredo Valla
Camera - Elia Lombardo, Andrea Fantino, Massimiliano Nicotra, Gerardo Fornari
Music - Walter Porro
Cast - Fredo Valla, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Olivier de Robert, Muriel Batbie-Castell, Gérard Zuchetto, Alain Vidal
Production - Chambra d’Oc, IncandenzaFilm, Lontane Province Film
Bogre is a journey into time and space, on the trail of Cathars, Albigenses and Bogomils, medieval heretics who spread from Bulgaria to the European West. Why Bogre? Those who speak the Occitan language know that bogre (pronounced "bugre") means Bulgarian, but over the centuries that word has acquired the meaning of foolish, the one who masks the truth. In the  12 th  century,  bogre  became an insult directed towards the Occitan Cathars, who were equated to the Bulgarian Bogomils, from whom the Western Catharism derived. The followers of these heretical teachings called each other "good people" and "good christians" because they believed they were returning christianity to its original purity. Their ideas traveled the length and breadth of Europe, from the Balkans to the Pyrenees, from center-northern Italy to Bosnia. 

With the support of  FCTP – Film Commission Torino Piemonte, Stefan Noykov Foundation, Shapdiz Foundation, CIRDOC Institut de cultura occitana, Lorenzo de Medici Institute, Research Centre for Slavo-Byzantine Studies "Prof. Ivan Dujcev" at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski", Espaci Occitan

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