Director - Raul Garcia Rodriguez
Script - Raul Garcia Rodriguez
Camera - Ivan Amaya
Music - Juan Sebastian Garcia
With - Angelica Blandon, David Camargo, Adriana Gill
Producer - Raul Garcia Rodriguez
In a city by the river, it rains all the time. There lives Andrés, a twelve year old boy and his mother Sandra. When Andrew was two years old, Sandra accidentally dropped it and the boy lost the mobility of his legs. Since then, Sandra blames herself and transmits this feeling to her son. Since she was abandoned by Andrés' father, Sandra seeks to fill her emotional gaps with different men. On the other hand, Solara, Andrés' nanny, took refuge in the practice of Yoga and Meditation to heal her life after having been raped by men from a paramilitary group. She has taught Andres to meditate so he can try to regain his mobility. The life of Andrés develops in the midst of these emotional environments that will lead him to overcome his internal barriers and thus walk again.


  • 25.03.2023
    CINEMA HOUSE - 13.00 часа