Director - Ellie Yonova
Script - Ellie Yonova
Camera - Svetoslav Mihaylov
Music - Jeff Johnston
Producer - Annette Clarke
Production - National Film Board of Canada (NFB)

A modern-day love story about renowned artists Luben Boykov and Elena Popova, who emigrated from Bulgaria in the early 1990s. They find refuge on the island of Newfoundland and, over time, their work comes to intimately interpret the culture of the place, underscoring in a very tangible way what the immigrant can offer. As they traverse social systems and borders, they actively challenge the current climate of nationalism. We see them encompass all the places they call home, showing there is no universal definition of any of these identities. Embracing the love of art and the art of love, Luben and Elena  remind us that  the greatest risk of all is to take either for granted.

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