Director - Albert Maysles, Henry Corra, Grahame Weinbren
Camera - Albert Maysles, Robert Richman
Music - Phillip Johnston
With - Christo, Jeanne-Claude
Producer - Henry Corra
Production - Maysles Films

Umbrellas takes a poignant, in-depth look at the concept and realization of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's project, Umbrellas: Joint Project for Japan and U.S.A presenting the artist at his most triumphant and most vulnerable moments - from the exaltation of the project's opening day through unexpected tragedies at the end.
The artists chose sites with contrasting cultures, among people who were unsophisticated about art; a rice-farming valley in the Japanese province of lbaraki, 72 miles north of Tokyo, and a cluster of cattle ranches in the rolling hills of southern California, 60 miles north of Los Angeles.


  • 21.03.2019
    ”LUMIERE LIDL” CINEMA - 16.30 часа
  • 10.03.2019
    DOM NA KINOTO - 16.00 часа
  • 23.03.2019