Director - Věra Chytilová
Script - Ester Krumbachová, Věra Chytilová
Camera - Jaroslav Kučera
Music - Zdeněk Liška
Cast - Jitka Nováková, Karel Novák, Jan Schmid, Eva Gabrielová, Julius Albert
Production - Filmové studio Barrandov, Elisabeth Films Brusel
In the garden of a pension, Eva and her husband Josef are enjoying a siesta. Here, they meet with the lonesome, mysterious-looking Robert. During play, a key falls out of Robert's pocket. The curious Eva picks it up and sets off on an expedition. In Robert's room, she finds a briefcase soiled with mud, which Robert had forgotten by her parsley patch before, and in it, a date-stamp. Soon afterwards, she learns that another victim of an unknown murderer of women has been found, with a number and date stamped on her forehead...


Cannes ’70 – Nominated for Palme d'Or


  • 31.03.2023
    CZECH CENTER - 19.00 часа