Director - Věra Chytilová
Script - Věra Chytilová
Camera - Jan Čuřík
Music - Jiří Šlitr
Cast - Eva Bosáková, Věra Uzelacová, Josef Langmiler, Jiří Kodet, Milivoj Uzelac ml.
Production - Filmové studio Barrandov
Eva is a gymnast, training for an important competition after which she wants to drop the career of professional sportswoman. Věra is a housewife caring for a four-year old son and a husband. The two women do not know each other, but still have many things in common – they both are in their thirties, and both have found themselves in the whirligig of day-to-day stereotypes which make them worn out and disgusted.


  • 28.03.2023
    CZECH CENTER - 19.00 часа