While I travel throughout Bulgaria, I love to discover places, which I enlist in my blackberry as Kita’s Place. This is a list of 20 restaurants and several bars. I have also included places from the past, which are no longer the same, but are still part of my memories.

I live at the city's center, at 1, Kniaz Boris Str. As I travel a lot throughout the year, I love to stay at home when I am in Sofia. I work mostly from home and I go out rarely – mostly for meetings in the festival’s office or in a place nearby. That is why most of the places I visit, are on the first parallel street – „Tzar Assen“. Kita’s Shortlist of the neighbourhood places:

 „Fun Housе The Clock“, 81, Tzar Assen Str., Tel: +359 888 309 090.
My favorite place for meetings, no matter personal or business. It is a tradition for me to meet here the International Jury.

„Memory“, 66, Kniaz Boris I, Tel: +359 888 896 985, 02 952 6250.
My favorite bar in the neighbourhood.

„Sun and Moon“, 18-A, Gladstone Str., Tel: +359 895 648 477.
A vegetarian restaurant with superb organic food and the best bread in Sofia.

„Murphy’s”, 6, Karnigradska Str., Tel: +02 980 2870.
The closest Irish pub, where I watch Berbatov play and drink dark beer.

„Pastorant“, 16, Tzar Asen Str., Tel: + 359887 026 190.
My favorite Italian restaurant in Bulgaria.

And more:

„Family“, Sofia, 52, Gladstone Str., Tel: +02 980 9012.
We discovered this beer house with Mexican cuisine two years ago, in the summer – when we tried to quench our thirst with the Czech beer Konrad, we became fans forever.
„Hambara“, Sofia, 22, 6th September.
The incomparable and unique Sofia’s № 1 Bar.

Outside the neighbourhood the classic Kita’s Place е:

„Pod lipite“, Sofia, 1, Elin Pelin Str., Tel: +359 888 954 406.
The elite restaurant with Bulgarian cuisine. This is the place for Sofia Meetings’ opening traditional dinner, which is one of the most impressive festival’s dinners.

I have several favorite places outside Sofia as well, that I discovered after many trips mostly for our Sofia Film Fest on the Road festival:

„Molerite“, Bansko, 41, Glazne Str., Tel: +359 888 844 944, (0)898 844 944, (0)887  844 944.
My favorite Bulgarian mehana which we discovered with a great joy at the beginning of the 90s. It was in a 100-200 years old house at that time. Now it is a hotel with a restaurant and live music.

„Istanbul“, Trakia highway, close to the tunel Trayanovi vrata, the owner is Zeku Okzus, Tel: +0899 255 595.
The classical Turkish restaurant in Bulgaria.

„Grolsch”, Burgas, The Park by the sea, Tel: +0894  383 634.
I have been going in this beer house in the past 10 years, after Jordanka and Georgi Ingilizovi, Georgi Djulgerov and Boreto Chakrinov took me there for the first time. We visit it after the closing of Sofia Film Fest at the Coast and we were there even last spring, a month before Dancheto Ingilizova left us forever.

„Erevan“, Plovdiv, 29, Otez Paisii Str., Tel: +0894 762 779.
An Armenian restaurant with tasty cuisine.

„Naylova“, Plovdiv, 7, Benkovski Str., Bar № 1 in Plovdid.
An underground athmosphere, a bit laid-back, but stylish and tasteful, that hasn’t been changed for decades by the owner Vozhda.

„Stara Varna“, Varna, 5, Tzar Kaloyan Str., Tel: +052 654065, 0887 280 697.
A very interesting photography museum on the first floor of a house in the town’s Greek quarter with a spending winehouse in the basement.
 of the

„Buhchevata kashta“, Stara Zagora, 52, Ivan Shishman Str., Tel: +0896 103 992, 0542 600 570
Over 100 years old and a rare example of art nouveau. A rich and quality menu in an elegant and tasteful athmosphere.

„Nikulden“, Silistra, 2, Pristanishtna, +086 822 214
Silistra’s fish restaurant.

„Malkiat Inter“, Veliko Tarnovo, 22, Ivan Vazon Str., Tel: +0885 152 722.
A wonderful as a bar and as a restaurant.

„Hadzhivelinov Han“, Bozentsi, Tel: +0885 333 148.
You can trust the chef and don’t miss the rakiya that the owner Velin would suggest to you.

And two places from the past:

„Banska kashta Mile Popyordanov“, Sofia, 5, Vasil Drumev Str. Now the restaurant is called „Veliko Tarnovo“. I still remember it as it was in the mid 90s. We dined, we sang with unforgettable clarinetist Malaka.

„Otvad aleyata zad shkafa“, Sofia, 31, Budapeshta Str. This elite Sofia restaurant is now gone. It is now called „Adi's Cook & Book“, Tel: +359 882 686 802, 0898 686 802. „Otvad aleyata“ made happy our most demanding guests. Konchalovsky went there twice, so did Otar Iosseliani.