The garden in the courtyard of the building where Kita lives is an oasis in the centre of Sofia. Only 5 minutes away from the NPC, the garden will make someone believe that it is actually in a small town. After the yard was cleaned, a wall was built and a grass was planted, the actor Mihail Bilalov, who is also a landscape arcitect, suggested which plants where to be arranged, during the shooting of Which Way Today.  

There is a variety of plants in the garden, such as: a magnolia, three hibiscuses, two leanders, a yew, a maple tree, two cypresses, two euonimuses, two thujas, a boxshrub, a barberry,virgin's bowers, an Oregon grape, Ilex vomitoria, forsythia, roses, hortensia, fuchsia, Impatiens and begonias, lilium, tulips, daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops.